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Dear President Obama,   The students, staff, and parents of Sierra House School extend a warm invitation to you to visit our campus. Your visit would be very special to everyone in our school community, and we believe you will be inspired by our culture and programs.   We believe you would appreciate the work we are doing at Sierra House to encourage growth, interrupt poverty, and teach and encourage health and wellness. Our student body reflects the South Lake Tahoe community with diversity of ethnicities, economic levels, and home languages. Students, staff, and parents work extremely hard to make our school the kind of place where everyone belongs, contributes, and is noticed by name.   In 2009, our school watched your back-to-school message in which you encouraged students to take responsibility for their own learning and to recognize their abilities.You said, “No one's born being good at all things. You become good at things through hard work.” Our school embraces this idea by focusing on effort and a “growth mindset” as a key to unlocking potential.     You said in your 2009 address, “What you are learning in school today will help us meet our greatest challenges in the future.” We have embraced that challenge and have focused our learning in reading, writing, math, and science around the concepts of “fitness, health and mountain sports.” Two years ago, our school funded, planned, and built two garden domes that are the science laboratory for our focus on health. We learn how plants grow, aspects of nutrition, how good nutrition impacts our bodies, and how the food we eat affects our learning. These growing spaces are challenging to implement in a mountain environment with heavy snow and elevation; still, our school community maintains them faithfully so all our students can learn. Come see our growing domes and gardens!   Our school also focuses on fitness.  Research points to fitness early in the day as a catalyst for enhancing brain activity, so we regularly take brain breaks to re-energize our minds and we participate in before-school activities like Morning Milers and ice skating at our local ice arena. We piloted a program last year called “Move It” where fitness activities started each school day including walking/running, dancing, yoga, and basic movement.   Our school also focuses on opportunities to experience nature through hiking, mountain biking, running, skiing, and snowboarding. We have special partnerships with the Tahoe Sports and Entertainment to get ice skating in the morning and transportation to school. We have special partnerships with the Heavenly Echo Program providing ski/snowboard instruction opportunities to all students in K-5 to learn how to ski and snowboard.   Please come visit our school - you will discover it is a special place. We are very proud of your presidency, the impact you and Michelle have had on the youth in our country, and for your inspiring words. When you come to Lake Tahoe, we hope you will come see the impact your leadership has had on the Sierra House community.   Principal Ryan Galles on behalf of the Sierra House Students, Staff and Families
Posted by !rgalles  On Aug 29, 2016 at 7:46 AM
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